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Here's what you’ll need to bring to your...

Your tax return will be prepared by one of our tax professionals and then rechecked for accuracy. Any additional tax deductions or credits that might be available to you will be identified. We’ll also identify any potential problems the IRS may look at more closely. Then we’ll electronically file your tax return, and if you desire we’ll provide you with a bank issued refund check. We’ll show you how to adjust your payroll withholding to get more money back in your paycheck each week. Why give the IRS an interest-free loan for a year? We’ll also show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year.

Proof of ID Card

Proof of identification such as Driver License, state I.D.

Social Security Card

Social Security Cards for  you and all dependents.

Birth Certificates

Proof of relationship if any dependents 

Employee Wages

Proof of income from employer such as W2


Proof of 1099-misc business incomes.

Employer Expenses

Record of job-related unreimbursed expenses

Interest Statements

Proof of interest 1099-int or dividend 1099-div.

States Tax Refund

All states income tax refund 1099-G

Social Security

Social Security benefit income SA-1099

Broker & Barter

The broker transactions exchange 1099-B.

Gambling Winnings

Lottery/gambling losses and winnings. 1099-G

Rental Income

Rental income/expenses, IRA & alimony paid or...

Mortgage Statement

Mortgage Interest and insurance paid. 1098

Real Estate Taxes

Real estate & personal property taxes paid.

State & Local Taxes

State or local taxes paid (including sales tax*).

Medical and Dental

Medical, dental, eye care & prescription expenses.

Donations & Tithes

Records of cash & goods to goodwill & churches.

Cancelled Debt

Records of any canceled debt such as 1099-C.

Moving & Casualty

Moving expenses paid & casualty or theft losses

Daycare Expenses

Amount, tax ID or SSN. Name and Address. 

Record of any Gift taxes paid

If you have gifted to your children and/or other relatives and you did file a gift tax please, have that record available.


Business or Hobby Expenditures

Determine if your business operation is considered to be a business or a hobby activity for tax purpose only.

Recodrs of any Educational Interest and Expenses

Records of tuition and education fees paid - Form 1098-T; and student loan interest paid - Form 1098-E.


IRS Statement on 2018 Filing Season Start Date

You can go ahead complete tax returns now and "transmit" them, just like you would any efile. Then, when the IRS opens on January 29, 2018, we'll send them all to the IRS at once.

What to Bring to Your Tax Appointment
What to Bring to Your Tax Appointment.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [73.2 KB]

Determine if your business operation is considered to be a business or a hobby activity for tax purpose only.

* This provision has expired, but may be extended by Congress, so bring it.

** If you purchased health insurance through a Federal or a State Marketplace

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